Friday, March 14, 2014

VR4 Global Buoys Around the Globe

A VR4 Global buoy floats off the Central California coast to detect white sharks and other tagged predators swimming past
 The ROLEX and Bertarelli Foundation  funded VR4 Global acoustic receivers, coupled with our surface buoys, have provided a remarkable capacity to detect white sharks, mantas, and grey reef sharks in the Chagos Archipeligo. The system has proven robust as we've deployed it in a variety of ocean conditions around the globe- in our efforts to improve the capacity to do ocean observations from remote locations.

One of our VR4 Global buoys arrives in the Maldives, to detect predators around the Chagos Archipelago
The picture above shows the arrival of the VR4 Global from the white shark network in the Maldives, where our team will deploy the buoys for remote detection in the Chagos Archipelago. The expedition is being led by Taylor Chapple, Aaron Carlisle, Robbie Schallert, Jon Dale and Dave Ticker. This Stanford US/Australia team is also accompanied by BIOT researchers from London. We look forward to hearing from the team as they deploy a network of receivers, and tags in one of the most remote locations on the planet!

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